KIJHL Education Webinars

Join Tom McEvay, the KIJHL’s Director of Education Services, as he leads student-athletes and parents through a series of online webinars to learn more about navigating the pathways to post-secondary education and college hockey.

#1 – Education & Hockey – View Recording

What are junior and college hockey coaches looking for? How do you let them know who you really are? What are your options and what are you responsible for?

In his first webinar, Tom tackles the big picture that faces student-athletes who want to advance and succeed on and off the ice. He discusses the importance of goal setting and planning, and the characteristics and qualities that help individuals meet their objectives.

#2 – College Hockey – View Recording

Everybody knows about the NCAA, but what’s the Eligibility Center and how do SATs determine where you can play? What other college hockey leagues are out there?

In his second webinar, Tom outlines the academic requirements to gain post-secondary admission, some basic rules around athletic eligibility, as well as the costs, challenges and misconceptions that face junior hockey players who want to play college hockey.

#3 – Player Self-Marketing – View Recording

Should student-athletes wait for college hockey coaches to reach out to them? When is the right time to initiate the recruiting process? How do you go about it?

In his third webinar, Tom explains what college hockey coaches are looking for, shares strategies for players to build a recruiting package that will grab their attention, and outlines some of the self-serve resources that can be utilized by KIJHL players.