Cyclone Taylor Cup

Cyclone Taylor Cup 

Fred W. (Cyclone) Taylor Cup

Junior B Provincial Championship


Donated by the BCAHA, in honour of Fred (Cyclone) Taylor of Vancouver, emblematic of the Junior B Hockey Championship of British Columbia.
Past Champions:
1966-67 - Comox Totems (Ron Darnbrough) (VIJHL)
1967-68 - Nelson Junior Maple Leafs (Fritz Koehle) (KIJHL)
1968-69 - Fort St. John Golden Hawks (Jack Durstan)
1969-70 - Trail Junior Smoke Eaters (Roy Casler) (KIJHL)
1970-71 - Victoria Cubs (R. Turcotte) (VIJHL)
1971-72 - Nor Wes Caps (Garry Begg, G. Blore) (PIJHL)
1972-73 - Nor Wes Caps (Garry Begg, G. Blore, George Wood) (PIJHL)
1973-74 - Cranbrook Colts (C. Patterson) (KIJHL)
1974-75 - Cranbrook Colts (C. Patterson) (KIJHL)
1975-76 - Saanich Braves (B. Robinson) (VIJHL)
1976-77 - Quesnel Millionaires (Wayne Inglis)
1977-78 - Quesnel Millionaires (Wayne Inglis)
1978-79 - Quesnel Millionaires (Wayne Inglis)
1979-80 - Kimberley Knights (Gerald Goyer) (KIJHL)
1980-81 - Northwest Americans (D. Chiupka, R. Collins) (PIJHL)
1981-82 - Cranbrook Colts (C. Patterson) (KIJHL)
1982-83 - North Shore W.C. Flames (B. Pope, R. Wheatley) (PIJHL)
1983-84 - Cranbrook Colts (T. Minnis, D. Noble) (KIJHL)
1984-85 - Cranbrook Colts (D. Spring, W. Price) (KIJHL)
1985-86 - Cranbrook Colts (D. Spring, R. Allen) (KIJHL)
1986-87 - Cranbrook Colts (David Neil, Dan McNeill) (KIJHL)
1987-88 - White Rock Whalers (L. Romanchych) (PIJHL)
1988-89 - Col. Valley Rockies (Tom Renney, M.Davidson)(KIJHL)
1989-90 - Burnaby Bluehawks (G. MacGillivray) (PIJHL)
1990-91 - Trail Smoke Eaters (D. Bradford, J. Stark) (KIJHL)
1991-92 - Richmond Sockeyes (F. Desrochers, M. Lambert) (PIJHL)
1992-93 - Coquitlam Warriors (Grant Kerr, Ray Scoffins) (PIJHL)
1993-94 - Grandview Steelers (T. Cochrane, J. Mortimer) (PIJHL)
1994-95 - Sicamous Eagles (K. Cheveldave)(KIJHL)
1995-96 - Ridge Meadows Flames ( S. Crowther) (PIJHL)
1996-97 - Beaver Valley Nitehawks (Pat Corrado) (KIJHL)
1998-99 - Campbell River Storm (Dave Sales) (VIJHL)
1999-00 - Abbotsford Pilots (PIJHL)
2000-01 - Beaver Valley Nitehawks (Terry Jones) (KIJHL)
2001-02 - Sicamous Eagles (Blair Robinson) (KIJHL)
2002-03 - Richmond Sockeyes (Ron Johnson) (PIJHL)
2003-04 - Richmond Sockeyes (Ron Johnson) (PIJHL)
2004-05 - Osoyoos Storm (Jim Liebel) (KIJHL)
2005-06 - Delta Ice Hawks (Shane Kuss) (PIJHL)
2006-07 - Victoria Cougars (Craig Didmon) (VIJHL)
2007-08 - Grandview Steelers (Aldo Bruno)(PIJHL)
2008-09 - Richmond Sockeyes (Judd Lambert)(PIJHL)
2009-10 - Revelstoke Grizzlies (Troy Mick) (KIJHL)
2010-11 - Penisula Panthers (Jackson Penney)(VIJHL)
2011-12 -  Abbotsford Pilots(Jim Cowden) (PIJHL)
2012-13  - Richmond Sockeyes (Aaron Wilbur) (PJHL)
2013-14 - Beaver Valley Nitehawks (Terry Jones) (KIJHL)
2014-15: Campbell River Storm (Lee Stone) (VIJHL)
2015-16 100 Mile House Wranglers (Dale Hladun) (KIJHL)
2016-17 Beaver Valley Nitehawks (Terry Jones) (KIJHL)
2017-18 Richmond Sockeyes (Brett Reusch)  (PJHL)
2018-19 Revelstoke Grizzlies (Ryan Parent) (KIJHL)
known coach in brackets if you know any of the missing coaches please send us the info.
2021-22 Langley Trappers (Brad Bakken) (PJHL)
2022-23 Revelstoke Grizzlies (Ryan Parent) (KIJHL-host)

KIJHL teams won 23 of 55 Cyclone Taylor Cups (41.8 %)

Cyclone Taylor Info
Frederick "Cyclone" Taylor
Frederick "Cyclone" Taylor won the Stanley Cup in 1909 with the Ottawa Senators, and in 1915 with the Vancouver Millionaires (Vancouver's only Stanley Cup Champions).
After watching Taylor score four dazzling goals for Ottawa on January 11, 1908, Canada's Governor General Earl Grey enthused within earshot of a reporter that Taylor was "a cyclone if ever I saw one." The name stuck.
"Cyclone" Taylor was considered to be hockey's first true superstar, and his sporting prowess was so spectacular it has become legendary.
After playing for the Senators, and the Renfrew Millionaires, for a salary at the time, greater than Canada's Prime Minister, Sir Wilfred Laurier, Cyclone moved west to star with the Millionaires. He leads them to the cup in 1915, and once again became the most famous man in Canada.
Cyclone lived to age 93, and was famous for among other things, the goal he scored while skating "backwards."
In recognition of his dedication to hockey in British Columbia, the BCAHA donated a trophy in his honour, which has become emblematic of the Junior B Hockey Championship of British Columbia.
Cyclone Taylor (at right) and King Clancy.
Both of which were two of hockey's first superstars.
We wish to thank the folks at Cyclone Taylor Sports for some of the information on this page and the pictures. In 1957, Cyclone's oldest son, Fred Taylor Jr., opened CYCLONE TAYLOR SPORTS. ( and for the last 43 years, the store has continued to grow and prosper. The store is now run by Fred's two sons, Rick and Mark Taylor.
Cyclone Taylor was not the only hockey player in the family. His grandson, Mark Taylor played 12 years of professional hockey - four years in the NHL and five years in Europe.