Remembering Grant Sheridan Scholarship goes to Nitehawks’ Angus Amadio



Angus Amadio of the Beaver Valley Nitehawks is the first recipient of the Remembering Grant Sheridan Scholarship.


Photos courtesy of MindRight



WEST KELOWNA- As Angus Amadio moves forward with his education, he hopes to carry on in Grant Sheridan’s footsteps and encourage others the way Sheridan did and hopefully inspire and lead by his example.


It’s a reason why Amadio of the Beaver Valley Nitehawks is the first recipient of the Remembering Grant Sheridan Scholarship.


The Calgary, Alta., native says he is very grateful and humbled to receive the scholarship.



“His beliefs and lifestyle on and off the ice are a great inspiration to young hockey players to carry out his example in everything you do,” says Amadio, who is receiving $1,500. “I would like to thank the KIJHL, the Beaver Valley Nitehawks organization and especially, Terry Jones and the coaching staff, as well as my billet families, my teammates, all the volunteers, and the fans.”


The scholarship is based on academic excellence, community involvement and leadership characteristics. The goal of the scholarship is to carry the legacy of Grant Sheridan and passing on his knowledge and value of community involvement.


Myles Mattila, founder of MindRight for Athletes Society, and creator of the Remembering Grant Sheridan Scholarship, says he heard many great things from the selection committee that Angus has contributed towards his community and how he conducts himself.


“Grant valued community involvement and it was exceptional to see what Angus has put forth in his volunteering,” says Mattila. “I believe by recognizing individuals like Angus, it will create opportunities for future student athletes to pursue post-secondary education.”


“Angus has proven himself to be a key player and leader for the Beaver Valley Nitehawks and a tremendous ambassador for the KIJHL over the past three seasons,” says KIJHL commissioner Jeff Dubois. “He exemplifies the qualities as a student athlete that this scholarship was created to recognize, and he’s very deserving of this honour. I’d also like to thank Myles Mattila and MindRight for making this scholarship possible and helping to preserve Grant’s memory in such a meaningful way.”


Jones is thrilled for Amadio being the first recipient, but added he’s confident every team in the league has someone like Amadio.


“It’s a great recognition for Angus and the type of person that he is,” says Jones. “His character, leadership. He’s just one of the best teammates a guy could ever want. A thing that symbolizes Angus to me, when I think about it, just in everyday practice, mid-November, just doing drills, you have some form of repetition. Angus is the guy who does every drill 110 per cent. The right way with technique and attitude, effort and leadership. I’ll say ‘Hey everyone, watch how Angus is doing this drill.”


Amadio displayed enthusiasm with the community work the Nitehawks do, whether it be getting involved with Special Olympics or being around families during the Family Day event.


“Grant would be very satisfied with this choice,” says Jones. “Angus is an outstanding choice.”