McGill joins WHL Wheat Kings


Chase Heat goalie coach Colin McGill is starting a new chapter in his coaching career with the WHL’s Brandon Wheat Kings and the Western Canada Hockey Academy.

In the WCHA’s announcement of McGill’s hiring, Wheat Kings Goalie Coach Tyler Plante said, “I was thrilled with Colin during the interview process. He is very detail oriented, his teaching foundation is technically sound, and his passion for making others better is his top priority. Our West-Man goaltenders will be in very good hands.”

McGill, 32, said “it’s pretty awesome” to get this opportunity.

KIJHL: How did this opportunity come up for you?

CM: I wanted to make a change to go back to coaching full-time and for me core values are very important. I shortlisted the organizations that I would work for, and the Brandon Wheat Kings was one of them. They were looking at a transition for a new Director of Goaltending Development for their Western Canada Hockey Academy. The opportunity to work alongside Plante, who is very well regarded and learn while investing fully into hockey and growing young men and women into great people, I just couldn’t pass it up.


KIJHL: What are some things you are proud of that you accomplished during your time with the Heat in having a hand in player development?

CM: The Heat was phenomenal. I’m a core values guy and to be able to work alongside someone like Brad Fox, who is very strong on his values was great. He truly believes that it’s about developing good people, good habits, and good character. When I got to work in an environment where that is actually implemented, every single day, it was phenomenal to learn from someone with that experience and it was amazing. Working with the Heat and being in the KIJHL was phenomenal. It really is a well run league and very good quality of hockey.


Below is an audio clip of Fox on McGill’s advancement during the newest Heat Waves podcast by Steve Smyth, the voice of the Chase Heat.


KIJHL: Professionally, what were the areas that you feel you saw growth in yourself over the three years you spent with the Heat?

CM: Working with someone that is so strong and technically sound like Brad, you pick up lots of tactical and technical information. I learned how to handle a team and being able to watch and learn how to adapt on the fly, how to react properly to these situations. The big thing is reacting to the situation and not the moment. 

The other big thing Brad brought in is being a players coach. He can pinpoint an athlete and what he needs very quickly and well. He is very in tune as they all need different treatment. He is very good at working with the players with constant communication. It taught me how to be a good coach and what these guys need. They look up to you. Sometimes we don’t realize how we impact their lives. I would not be in the position I am, if I hadn’t had my years with Brad.


KIJHL: What will your new role as Director of Goaltending Development and Assistant Goaltending Coach have you do?

CM: With the Western Canada Hockey Academy, I will be in charge of the programming. I will make sure the program is consistent and has continuity. I have goaltending instructors and will do one-on-one sessions to prepare guys for the season. They also offer private coaching and I will work with their elite goaltending program with players going to Junior A and the Western League, as well as their female players.


With the Wheat Kings, I will be a goaltending coach alongside Plante. To be able to work with a guy that is so proven and developing these athletes to that level, it’s just an unbelievable opportunity.